Art is an expression of the deepest feeling of life and therefore is the property and right of everyone.
Contempora is a Moscow-based record label dedicated to the new russian wave of improvisation and indie classical music.
Contempora was founded by Yuri Vinogradov in 2016. Contempora releases music by Yuri Vinogradov and like-minded musicians. The values of Contempora: freedom of creativity, pursuit of elusive beauty, ethical work. Contempora supports human rights and trying to give voice to those who have been deprived of it. We are against any kind of violence. We support diversity, rationality, freedom of thought and discussions.
Sometimes freedom in art is the only freedom that remains but it's a light of hope to us.
What is indie classical?

It is a music what breathes the vivid air of classical traditions and experiment but created by composers and improvisers without education, by self-taught enthusiasts. Indie classical music can use any idioms, forms, styles — it's neoclassical in Busoni's sense as synthesis of all past achievements of music in vivid unity. Hardcore minimalism, neoimpressionsim and neoromanticism, aleatoric and indeterminism — indie classical can accumalate any styles, techinques, methods.

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