Yuri Vinogradov

Yuri Vinogradov is a classically trained historian of philosophy, visual artist, music blogger and self-taught musician/composer/ improviser from Reutov, Russia. He was born in 1985. Professional philosopher-epistemologist, Yuri thinks that music isn't the object of sense only, but requires intellectual approach in both listening and composing. Yuri is deeply interested in contemporary and classical music and composing techniques.

Yuri began to study music at the age of 14. After a few years of lessons with a private teacher he started to improvise and compose music. He has never studied music in schools or colleges but mostly practiced by himself. He learned to play piano, bass and guitar. Yuri played in various punk rock bands and continued to improve his skills as an improviser. He became interested in classical music, and then contemporary music, especially music of the XX century - Schoenberg, Webern, Messiaen, Cage and others. After finishing his education as a historian of philosophy he equipped home studio and started to record his piano improvisations and to compose electroacoustic, electronic and psychedelic jazz-rock music.

Yuri considers music as an adventure, as a journey under the alien sky with unfamiliar constellations of stars on it. In his compositions, he crosses the boundaries of genres, methods and musical eras. In his music you can find both ultracontemporary atonal intervention and a wide, breathing anachronic melody. He does not express emotions through music, but allows sound structures to run their own free play.

Yuri lives with serious chronical depressive disorder which deeply affects his life in many ways. Music for him is the way he overcomes depression, it's a space of joy and freedom.

You can check Yuri Vinogradov's projects, music, texts here.

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