Yuri Vinogradov
poems for piano solo
Con.IV release:piano solo improvisations in a manner of abstract impressionism. Cover art by Yuri Vinogradov.
Here you can read essay in Russian dedicated to this album.
Humble attempt to catch in sound the metamorphosis of meaning, the taste of words. Eternal longing for the freedom and furious joy of the sky, the tenderness of the twilight, thundering silence of the night. So this music is trying to be as flexible and varied as the poet's lines.

The method of this music is abstract impressionism. The essence of this approach is to create a musical mood that is not an image of anything familiar to us from ordinary experience. An abstract impression is the development and growth of formal musical ideas, sound grains.
Do not forget me
Draw my name
Traces of dust on the mirror
After all, emptiness is solid and unshakable like graphite
Like a superdense core of a black star
There are vortexes of virtual particles
My name flows
In the darkest pool of unconsciousness
My name echoes
Just remember
Let my name tremble in your hands.

Music composed, performed and recorded by Yuri Vinogradov. Cover-art by Yuri Vinogradov. Recorded winter-spring 2021 at the homestudio, Reutov, Russia.

This music is dedicated with all my love and respect to my sincerest friend and companion Lelia Cyclone Faerie Salnikova. With the exception of the piece Ninth dedicated to Olga Fominikh.
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