Alexey Kruglov, duso, Alexander Bitiutskikh
We, the Undersigned

Con.XIII: Hurricane performance and kaleidoscope free jazz
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Music is almost always a polylogue. It unites the listener and the performer, sometimes in one person. Musicians weave a polylogue while performing a piece or improvising as a multilayered expressive fabric. Each sound hooks another sound, gestures braid each other - unity breaks down into multiplicity, and multiplicity exists as unity.

The album 'We, the Undersigned' is precisely an experience of the birth of such a multi-subject speech. Saxophonist Alexey Kruglov, drummer Alexander Bitiutskikh and 'duso' the ensemble were united for a hurricane and kaleidoscopic free-jazz performance at the Petrovsky book club in Voronezh.

Musical authorship is in fact inalienable. Therefore, any performance is also a signature of one's own music, one's own ideas, one's own aesthetic values. Every improvisation is a manifesto in a hidden form. That is why musicians are also undersigned - any musical act is always authorial. It always implies a creative intelligence and personality behind them. Also during the performance, the text of one of the artists' contracts was used for recitation as surreal material for the performance. It starts with the words "We, the undersigned".
Alexey Kruglov: alto sax, horns, voice
Denis Uspensky: tenor sax, electronics
Oleg Dautov: electric guitar, electronics
Oleg Salkov: bass guitar
Alexander Bitiutskikh: drums

Music by all performers. Texts and poetry by Dmitry Prigov, Velimir Khlebnikov, Illa Zdanevich, Alexander Pushkin, Alexey Kruglov. In the performance there were used texts from one of the artist's contracts and small fragments from different authors.

Live at the Book Shop Petrovsky in Voronezh, November 20, 2019
Recorded by Valery Ostudnev
Mixed and mastered by Oleg Salkov
Art work by Mikhail Dobrovolsky
Produced by Yuri Vinogradov and Alexey Kruglov
The edition is supported by Andrey Popov

The performers express their sincere gratitude to Andrey Popov for the opportunity to release the album! Also, many thanks to Christiana Gulieva for organizing the performance!
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