Yuri Vinogradov
Improvisations for Fender Rhodes Solo
Con.II release: improvisations for vintage Fender Rhodes Mark I 73 in jazz-rock and free-jazz spirit. Cover art by Yuri Vinogradov.
"...my longing is always hungry, thirsty,
but the evening is so quiet and the wind touches gently. And I fall asleep and hear the uncanny yet tender voices of the seas and forests".

An anonymous, impersonal dream-like journey in the lands of sea and sun, of warm twilights and silent haze. This music explores in its outlines the eternal farewell, which has become the very seamy side of things; the warmth of sadness, the light of anxiety, the excess silence of a full-blooded life, and other topics that the waking mind drives away.
Improvisations for authentic Fender Rhodes solo in Yuri Vinogradov's abstract impressionism style. Music was recorded in one go, without any editing except some postprocessing equalisation/limiting. This music crosses the borders between contemporary classical, jazz and free improvisation. It resists any attempt of narrow definition — freedom in sound means freedom of mind. This vintage Fender Rhodes Mark I Seventy Three has its own imperfections — its overdriven and fuzzy sound has the character and tells its own stories.

Album was recorded live on 1st of October at Moscow record studio Interval on Fender Rhodes Mark I Seventy Three.
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