Yuri Vinogradov

Con.VI release:concerto for piano and generative electronics. Cover art by Yuri Vinogradov.
The central idea of this music is the drift and metamorphosis of an unstable form. The form is created suddenly due to discreteness, uneven strokes, the game of chance, and not as a result of rational design. Another idea is the live dialogue between improvised piano and generative electronics, different every time a piece is played. Therefore repetition is not possible; more and more waters flood onto the one entering this river. Therefore, as is often the case with music, these improvisations are a laudatory and at the same time sentimental song of the irreversibility of time.

These recordings, made in a home studio using a hammer midi keyboard, a digital piano module and generative system via MIDI in DAW, could hardly be repeated in a studio, even the most comfortable one - after all, the environment, all the nuances and fleetingness of the current moment determine the result of the improvisation process. This music grows out of habit, out of repetition. Mορφή (Morphe) is thus a commentary on the present day, an exploration of how music can be born out of ordinariness, out of habitual concentration, out of the evenness of a slowly flowing domesticated time.

Track ἠῠ̈́τε is completely generative including piano part.
Yuri Vinogradov — piano, electronics, generative system.
Conceptualised, recorded, mixed by Yuri Vinogradov. Homestudio, Reutov, Russia, 2020-2021.
Cover art by Yuri Vinogradov.

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