Yuri Vinogradov
Little White Book
Con.I release: improvisations a la choral preludes for pipe organ — songs of pain and anxiety, light and hope. Cover-art by Yuri Vinogradov.

Recent events in Russia hurt me to the core - my heart hurts and this is not a metaphor, it seems to me that a shard of glass is stuck in my chest; my health, already undermined by endless illness, began to worry me even more. The darkness has spread its arms over our cities, and with a vile cold it creeps into the soul. Fear, anger and a feeling of impotent despair torment me. It seems to me that all this is a bad dream, from which it is in no way possible to wake up.

In the darkest hours, music has always been my salvation. I understand that many are not up to music now, but probably there are people like me who find salvation and support for themselves in the art of moving sound forms. Music allows me to take a distance from what is happening, remember about being itself and thus regain strength, catch my breath; when there is darkness around me, composing and listening to music becomes my source of light.

Our life is a constant creative action. It's never ends if our mind is open. Freedom and life are looking for space for themselves even under the heaviest oppression of darkness, the flower of life is trying to break through the asphalt and steel.

Sometimes freedom in art is the only freedom that remains. But from this also is the basis of our hope even in darkest hour.

Now are dark days in Russia. This music is dedicated to every sincere and noble soul who suffers from the power of evil.
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