Yuri Vinogradov
In her mind the last sun has died

Con.VII release: organ music for the furious and evil midnight. My De Profundis. Cover art by Yuri Vinogradov.
Reflections of sound in the dark and still waters of hidden silence.

"Time is
Long, but the truth
Will come to pass".

Friedrich Hölderlin

Ophelia was a kind of symbol to me — impossible fragile and doomed sign of purity shining through the all darkness of the world. Georg Heym's Ophelia stroke me into my heart and mind:

The last sun that stumbled into shadow
Sinks deep into the sanctuary of her brain.
Why did she die? Why does she drive,
so alone, in the waters that fern and leaf confound?
Invisible she swims in the escort flood.
But where she drives past, the swarms of people pursue
With great wings of a dark grief,
Which cast shadows over both banks.

And this silent heart of melancholy could be the core of the world where all signs speechless, where are no prophecy. We are in exile flooded by the streams of Time — yet we have hope returning to our unthinkable motherland.

Free improvisation/sound poetry for large pipe organ (Nord C2D with Nord Pedal Keys 27/Hauptwerk). Live record in the home studio.

Yuri Vinogradov - digital pipe organ (Hauptwerk via Nord C2D with pedals), mastering, cover art.
Recorded by Yuri Vinogradov, Reutov, homestudio, 2020-2021.

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