Yuri Vinogradov
Drowning Lights

Con.XII: Piano pieces with raw tones and fleeting shades
There is something of ritual in all music, even the simplest and most uncomplicated. Music transforms plain and monochromatic time. It suddenly blossoms like a bizarre tropical flower. Its surface is colored with raw tones and fleeting shades. In its impenetrable depths it speeds up and slows down, obeying the tempo of the music. In all music, however, there is also something of a sacrifice - it is the musician's gift to the world, a gift of himself through self-expression, autophany. Time, flowing through the blood vessels of our being, is given to the world, released into the world. Through music, we open ourselves to the world.

This short, almost aphoristic album is a kind of ritual of chronotransduction, a transformation of time so that it becomes consonant and well-rounded. So that time caresses with its flow, like the rays of the sun on a clear spring day, like a warming light in a velvet darkness.

Music, it seems to me, reveals the deep potencies of time itself, which are otherwise experienced unconsciously. The very time we experience can be consonant or dissonant, pulsating and continuous or discrete, can be layered or single-voiced. Music merely makes these properties of chronos directly perceptible. In this sense, the musician is a practitioner-explorer of temporal realms that are so unlike each other.
The music of the album Drowning Lights can not only be listened to, but also played thanks to Angelina Kuvshinova. Scores of Basking in the Sun pieces are also included in the album's downloads on Bandcamp. Feel free to play and record them.
Music and cover-art by Yuri Vinogradov. Reutov, Russia. Recorded at homestudio, July, 2018.
You can listen and download for free on Bandcamp:

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