Yuri Vinogradov
Codex Rescriptus
for piano solo
Con.III release:piano solo pieces in manner of abstract impressionism. Cover art by Yuri Vinogradov.
Codex Rescriptus is my old cycle of three preludes in the manner of abstract impressionism. It was recorded five years ago and remastered now.

What is abstract impressionism? As in case of the palimpsest, the sequence of layers hides and disperses any meaning, so the kaleidoscope of sounds and musical images resists the attempt of a monolithic, basic interpretation. Though melodies and sound structures may induce some images there is no one-and-only way of interpretating. The possibility of interpretaion is occasional. It's not program music, it's rather anti-program.

Many sounds, no meaning — absurdic credo of this music method.
What is abstract impressionism?

Considering art primarily as the language of emotions, ideas, or internal states is an archaic concept, similar to magical thinking and totemism. Ancient man spiritualized the indifferent forces of nature, saw providence and goal-setting where only the play of unconscious forces unfolded; these attitudes have survived to this day in religious beliefs. Our understanding of physical reality deepened when we were able to rise above its humanization, were able to perceive it not as our own continuation, but as something alien, different from ourselves, developing according to its own laws. Progress in the development of the physical worldview is the story of the overthrow of the power of analogies and the spread of the understanding that physical reality is a kingdom independent of our consciousness and its laws. We must take the same step with regard to art, in particular, music. We must recognize that our tendency to interpret music as speech that communicates feelings or ideas is as little capable of revealing the nature of music as our tendency to see figures in the clouds helps us understand the reasons and laws of their formation. Music is a separate kingdom of unique forms and dynamics, which, although capable of evoking associations with certain states of consciousness due to structural similarity, cannot be reduced to a musical description of these states.

The content of music is the totality of moving sound forms; in their movement, sounds give rise to unique musical organisms that fade in time. In sounds, in addition to the states, thoughts, emotions familiar from the experience of everyday existence, we can distinguish purely musical beauty and expressiveness. Music speaks with sounds, but it expresses only itself with them. Thus, music is devoid of expressiveness, it does not express anything other than itself.

Therefore, for example, in my work I try to distance myself as much as possible and let the musical thoughts and ideas themselves speak, to give scope to the process of pure deployment. Because of this, I sometimes call my own music abstract impressionism - it expresses impressions that we can associate with emotions, images, ideas, but these impressions are purely musical in nature, i.e. they can be called abstract.
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