Leo Abrahams, Oleg Salkov, Nikita Bondarenko
30000 Celestial Bodies

Con.XI: Импровизационная эмбиент-поэма от Лео Абрахамса, Олега Салькова и Никиты Бондаренко/Improvisational ambient poem by Leo Abrahams, Oleg Salkov, Nikita Bondarenko
Этот релиз - живая запись концерта Лео Абрахамса с воронежскими музыкантами Никитой Бондаренко и Олегом Сальковым. Сотрудничество музыкантов с легендарным британским гитаристом и продюсером Лео Абрахамсом состоялось во время российского тура Лео, когда он выступал в Книжном клубе «Петровский» в Воронеже в 2019 году.

После первого сольного отделения Лео с гитарой и электроникой к нему присоединились Никита Бондаренко (электроника) и Олег Сальков (бас). Результатом этого спонтанного союза стал цельный импровизационный эмбиент-сет.

Во время подготовки к выступлению с Лео были подготовлены различные атмосферные, шумовые и вокальные сэмплы, одним из которых стал отрывок из советского научно-популярного фильма о гипотетической планете Фаэтон и ее гибели. Сэмпл был проигран где-то в середине сета. Этот сэмпл придает альбому концептуальное измерение. Он дал название релизу.
This release is a live recording of Leo Abrahams' concert with Voronezh musicians Nikita Bondarenko and Oleg Salkov. The collaboration between the musicians and the legendary British guitarist and producer Leo Abraham took place during Leo's Russian tour when he performed at the Petrovsky Book Club in Voronezh in 2019.

After Leo's first solo section with guitar and electronics, Nikita Bondarenko (electronics) and Oleg Salkov (bass) joined him. The result of this spontaneous union was a wholesome improvisational ambient set.

During the preparation for the performance with Leo, various atmospheric, noise, and vocal samples were prepared, one of which was an excerpt from a Soviet popular science film about the hypothetical planet Phaeton and its destruction. The sample was played somewhere in the middle of the set. This sample adds a conceptual dimension to the album. It gave the title to the release.
Leo Abrahams, born in 1977 in Camden, London, is a well-known English musician, composer, and producer. He has had the expirience of working alongside numerous talented musicians such as Brian Eno, Katie Melua, Imogen Heap, Jarvis Cocker, Carl Barât, Regina Spektor, Jon Hopkins, and Paul Simon. Leo's journey in music began after he completed his studies at the Royal Academy of Music in England. He embarked on his career as a lead guitarist for Imogen Heap, touring with her and showcasing his exceptional skills. Leo has also ventured into the realm of solo music and released five albums since 2005.

His solo work primarily revolves around ambient compositions, featuring intricate arrangements and unique textures created using guitar. In addition to his own music, Leo has contributed to various film soundtracks, including notable works like Peter Jackson's "The Lovely Bones" and Steve McQueen's "Hunger." Alongside his extensive musical endeavors, Leo has taken on the role of a producer, working on albums such as Regina Spektor's "Remember Us to Life", Hayden Thorpe's "Diviner", Editors' "Violence", and Ghostpoet's "Dark Days + Canapés". He has played on over 100 records of a multitude of artists as a guitarist, including Florence and the Machine, Annie Lennox, Marianne Faithfull, and Badly Drawn Boy.

Nikita Bondarenko is a musician from Voronezh, Russia, and a member of various musical projects. He is the leader and founder of the no wave group Суперкульт, the synth-wave duo Кузина, the solo projects Труп Колдуна (an extravagant dungeon synth) and electronic projects Sheepray and KEXBR. He is also a member of the bands Другое Дело, ЦЁЙ, Happy55. Nikita uses different combinations of electronic instruments such as synthesizers and samplers on stage.

Oleg Salkov is a bass guitarist and active member of the Voronezh music scene. His musical interests range from indie rock to free jazz and contemporary classical music. He is a member of the improv trio duso, indie bands Другое Дело and ЦЁЙ, the progressive-folk collective Абстрактор, the contemporary classical project Happy55, and the no wave group Суперкульт. The leader of neosoul band ЭваЭва. He is also regularly involved as a session musician. Oleg has collaborated with Nikita Bondarenko in various musical formations for many years.
Music by Leo Abrahams, Oleg Salkov, Nikita Bondarenko.
Cover-art by Oleg Dautov.
Recorded by sound engineer Valeriy Ostudnev.
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