Alexey Kruglov, Yuri Vinogradov
Music After the End of Time

Con.VIII release: free jazz concerto for saxes, organ and electronics
According to the Big Rip theory, matter will cease to exist in a finite time. The end of the Universe will happen in approximately 22 billion years. Then macro-objects, molecules, atoms will cease to exist. The laws of physics known to us will stop working - which means that time itself will disappear in the sense we are used to. This album is an attempt to present music and harmony of unimaginable physical processes after the end of physics itself.

Yuri Vinogradov — electronics, electric organ
Alexey Kruglov — alto saxes, toy sax, prepared alto sax, alto sax mouthpiece, recorder, extended vocal technique
Music by Yuri Vinogradov and Alexei Kruglov

Recorded in summer 2020 at the home studios of musicians
Edited, mixed and mastered by Alexey Kruglov
Cover art by Yuri Vinogradov

The edition is supported by Andrey Popov
Special thanks to Andrey Popov and Ruslan Zaipold

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